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Why digital printing makes sense for private brand labels?

digital printing

Digital printed labels are ideal for brand promotional labeling in custom designs you require, quantity you desire & shortest possible  turnaround times  (as low as 24 -48 hours). Unlike conventional printing that requires design plates, die tooling, sample proofs & approval etc. Digital printing simply needs an image file for high speed, high quality through put for vibrant colour labels on a variety of materials (paper, synthetic, tag) & finish (Gloss or Matt).

Digital printed labels are a great way to test product labels and see how labels look and behave on your packaging without committing or ordering bulk quantities. Further, it allows you to print variable data, product barcodes, consumer QR code and other regulatory or compliance information all in one go. Perhaps the best feature and benefit of digital printing is that every label can be unique and personalised for each customer, festival, event, promotion & more. This is easily achieved by integrating database files like MS excel with your design file. All this is possible in a single run without any changeover or extra cost.

Digital Printing is best suited for these emerging categories:

  1. Bread/ Bakery/ Coffee
  2. Food Delivery/ Take out
  3. Health and Personal Care
  4. Essential Oils/ Candles
  5. Home entrepreneurs/ SOHO
  6. Events & promotions
  7. Private labels

Whether you need On-Demand digital printing solution (in-house) or personalised labels (short run/ small quantity) for your brand campaign, talk to our team of experts.

Author: Neha Jain
Date of Publishing: 1st August 2020

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