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Product Traceability

Enhancing Supply Chain Efficiency With Our Product ID & Traceability Solution

We understand the critical importance of achieving end-to-end product identification and traceability for a smarter and more efficient supply chain. Our innovative standards-driven, custom-built Product ID & Traceability solution revolutionizes the way businesses manage their processes, ensuring seamless tracking from raw material receiving to the dispatch of finished goods.

Key Features

Unique Serialization

Our solution assigns a unique identity to every item/product, enabling precise tracking at every stage of the supply chain journey.

Tag Encoding Stations (AdvanPrint)
Comprehensive Tracking

From raw material procurement to assembly, manufacturing, testing, quality control, and dispatch, our solution ensures complete visibility and traceability.

Robust Technology

Driven by barcode, QR code, and RFID technologies, our solution is robust, scalable, and seamlessly integrates with leading ERPs for enhanced efficiency.

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