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Our Team

Meet Our Team

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I started this journey in the year 1983 with variable information printing labels (pricing labelers). Steady and sustained growth, based on a clear vision, has enabled us to become leading Auto-ID Solutions provider, specializing in barcode,
mobile computing & RFID technologies, offering standards driven, custom built solutions to Manufacturing, logistics & retail sectors in India.

We meet customer’s need in Automation, offering total solutions in Identification Technologies to help increase business productivity, and profits. Our core values enable us to drive our business forward, namely: focus on quality, commitment to customer support and Integrity in all we do.

Further, we are dedicated to Sustainability and view our environmental & social responsibility for community at large with a great deal of concern. I wish to thank and express my gratitude to colleagues, partners and customers for over three decades of trust. We remain committed to meet & exceed our customer’s needs.

Our Team’s Journey

Our team’s journey is a rich tapestry woven with threads of innovation, perseverance, and excellence. Since our inception in 1983, we’ve embarked on a transformative odyssey, pioneering advancements in Automatic Identification Data Capture (AIDC) technologies. From our humble beginnings, we’ve evolved into India’s premier systems integrator, leveraging our expertise to empower businesses across diverse sectors.

Throughout our journey, we’ve navigated challenges, embraced change, and remained steadfast in our commitment to delivering unparalleled solutions. We’ve expanded our footprint with nationwide service support and forged strategic partnerships with industry leaders, propelling us to the forefront of the AIDC landscape.

As we reflect on our journey, we’re humbled by the milestones we’ve achieved and inspired by the challenges that lie ahead. With a shared vision and unwavering determination, we continue to push the boundaries of innovation, driving transformative change and shaping the future of technology integration.

Our Team

Our Team Drives Innovation and Excellence Every Step of the Way.

P.C. Jain

Founder & Chairman

Shakti Jain

Managing Director

Neha Jain

Executive Director

Pradeep Kumar

Head - Sales

Alok Bansal

Head - Software & Support

Ashish K Singh

Head - Finance & Accounts

Anuradha Juneja

Sr. Manager - HR

Rajesh Sethi

Head - Operations

Great Eastern IDTech Pvt. Ltd.

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