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Label Applicators


Introducing the innovative Botlr, an intelligent device designed to revolutionize the labeling process for bottles and cylindrical containers. With patented technology, Botlr automatically measures the diameter of presented bottles or objects, making the labeling process faster and more versatile than ever before. Equipped with unique sensors, including a label gap sensor and plate roll sensor, Botlr ensures precise and accurate labeling every time. Supporting a wide range of bottle dimensions and offering various label possibilities, including transparent labels and labels with unique shapes, Botlr provides unparalleled flexibility for labeling needs. With compatibility with barcode and color printers, Botlr offers enhanced functionality for variable and on-demand label printing. Compact in size and lightweight, Botlr is the ultimate solution for streamlining labeling processes in any setting.

    Ideal For:
  • Food & beverages
  • Manufacturing
    Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics
  • Healthcare
Patented TechnologyBotlr’s technology automatically measures the diameter of presented bottles or cylindrical objects
SensorsUnique label gap sensor and plate roll sensor
Supported Bottle DimensionsMinimal diameter: 3mm, Maximal diameter: 120mm
Label Possibilities– 1 or 2 labels – Transparent labels – 2nd label with different dimensions on the same label roll – Two labels with different gap sizes – Labels with unique shapes and thickness
Max. Label Roll DimensionsWidth: 240mm, Diameter: 300mm, Weight: 6kg
Size & WeightHeight: 364mm, Width: 376mm, Depth: 533mm, Weight: 14kg
Power SupplyInput: 100-240V-1.5A, Output: 24V-DC-2.7A
Compatibilities & Add-onsCompatible with barcode printers for variable printing and color printers for on-demand label printing

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