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RFID e-Portal

RFID e-Portal

RFID e-Portal

A scalable modular reader system, offers an adaptable solution for automating the reading of products or assets in various enterprise applications. This system includes essential components for swiftly establishing RFID read zones on your premises, featuring a robust RFID fixed reader, high-performance UHF antennas, integrated electronics module, optional sensors, and light stack or alarm systems, all enclosed within a durable housing (portal).

    Ideal For:
  • Manufacturing
    Warehouse automation for efficient inventory management
  • Asset tracking to monitor and secure valuable resources
Key FeaturesAdvantages
Small footprint (flexible)Optimizes space utilization
One side or two-side portals (scalable)Accommodates varying spatial requirements
Aluminum or acrylic construction (custom)Offers customizable build materials
Powered with UHF integrated readers & antennas (adjustable)Provides adjustable performance levels
Wide read-distance up to 10 meters with twin portal (lab tested)Ensures reliable and extensive coverage
Integrated electronics module for wiring, connectors & cablingSimplifies installation and setup
Motion sensors, Light stack, Alarm & buzzer (optional)Enhances security and alerting capabilities
Power over Ethernet or Wi-Fi communicationOffers flexible connectivity options
RFID middleware & application (custom)Tailored solutions for specific business needs
Power supply (standard)Provides consistent and reliable power source

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