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RFID e-Conveyor Tunnel

RFID e-Conveyor Tunnel

RFID e-Conveyor Tunnel

Our RFID tunnel system is perfect for swiftly reading data from items or cases on conveyor lines in industrial settings. These tunnels are adaptable to integrate seamlessly with existing conveyor systems or can be added as new components. They facilitate rapid and bulk capture and verification of items or logistics units.

    Ideal For:
  • Shipping & Logistics
    WIP Traceability
  • Warehouse Automation
Key FeaturesAdvantages
Modular design (dimensions)Flexibility to adapt to various conveyor configurations
Belt conveyor with variable speedAllows for precise control over the conveyor speed for optimal reading
RF shielding materials on the tunnelEnsures targeted read range and minimizes interference
Capable of reading multiple tagged productsFacilitates high-speed processing of multiple items simultaneously
Powered with high-performance UHF readers & antennasDelivers reliable and adjustable reading capabilities
ntegrated electronics moduleSimplifies wiring, connectors, and cabling for streamlined installation
Light stack, Alarm, buzzer & display (optional)Provides visual and auditory alerts for efficient operation
Power over Ethernet or Wi-Fi communicationEnables flexible connectivity options based on requirements
RFID middleware & application (custom)Customizable software solutions tailored to specific needs
Power supply (standard)Ensures consistent and reliable operation

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